My Journey By Bus

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How long since your last journey by bus?

My Journey By Bus, it’s a journey by bus literally to 35 places thoughout Perak, Pulau Pinang, Perlis and Kedah. Imagine a scorching hot day and suddenly a breeze is blown in to cool you down as the bus makes its way through kampungs with trees on both sides of the road. It was indeed a special bus journey. With music from the radio in the background, the passengers alight one by one. Just like a movie, the silver screen the bus window, the characters the passengers, and the motion effects, well the actual movements of the bus! How FuFu, the author slowly learned to enjoy exploring Malaysia by bus. You would see the same old bus signboard used for umpteen years, the door that make an ear-piercing sound when it opens or closes, as well as the cushion seats, the round ‘PUSH’ buttons, the wooden and zinc flooring, and the windows that can be pushed up or down, left or right. All these are unmistakably classic busses which you can’t see any more in the cities, as they are replaced with new air conditioned buses. After completing this journey, FuFu noticed that our bus system is good. At least the bus coverage is better than what he had in mind, not only from cities to towns and from towns to villages, but tourist destinations can also be reached by bus, some bus journeys are truly fantastic. Many thanks to bus drivers and bus conductors, although repetitive work, they still do it diligently and take pride. A bus ticket get you places, and open heart gets you hidden Malaysian experiences.

So, let’s hop onto a bus today! 

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