1. Marong Mahawangsa: The Kedah Annals

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It (Marong Mahawangsa) is a history of Keddah on the Malayan Peninsula and, independently of any intrinsic value which it may possess, it is interesting to the British, since the settlement of Penang and Province Wellesley once formed an integral portion of the country of Keddah. This Keddah is the Quida of the maps, and a Siamese province, although chiefly peopled by Malays. It is about 110 to 120 miles long, with a varying breath of from 20 to 30 or 40 miles at most. It is very fertile in grain. Cattle abound in its plains, and its hills yield rich tin ore, and perhaps gold. I received the history from the hands of the late raja, whose Malayan title was Sultan Ahmed Sajoodin (Aladin) Halim Shah and whose Siamese title was Chau Pangeran, who in an evil hour had been led by bad advice to throw off his allegiance to Siam and had fled to Penang.

- Lt. Col. James Low 

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